UK Intelligent Design: stealth religion

On Pharygula, BLF pointed out this:

UK Centre for Intelligent Design claims it will focus on science, not religion.

I looked up “Dr” Alistair Noble. His bio reads

Alastair has been a high school chemistry teacher, adviser, schools inspector and educational administrator. He has also worked on educational programmes within the BBC, the CBI and the Health Service. He currently works as the Field Officer of The Headteachers’ Association of Scotland and an Educational Consultant with CARE in Scotland – a Christian charity which works across a range of public policy issues. He is married to Ruth, has two grown up children, is a lay preacher, an elder at Cartsbridge Evangelical Church, Busby, and lives in Eaglesham.

which suggests that if he has a PhD (which is not mentioned), it’s probably in education. Alastair works for Mission Scotland, whose mission statement is

Please pray for us as we continue to seek God’s direction in developing the project He has called us to on 21st Century Disciples.

Their motivation is religious. I can practically guarantee that the lay preacher is not running a program of research into evolution. The members of this organization are not doing science and should not be pretending to. I think I’ll ask them what their explanation of evolution actually is.


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