Anthropic principle FAIL

The anthropic principle says that SOMEONE made the world, nay, the universe, just for us. Therefore God.

I go with the mud-puddle theory: a puddle thinks that the contours of the ground holding it are perfectly tuned just for it.

We’re shaped for our environment, not the other way around. If conditions were different, we’d be different. If we were sulphur-based instead of carbon-based life, we’d be pointing to the temperatures that are just right for sulphur biochemistry. And if the environment were too different, we wouldn’t be around to complain about its lack of suitability. It’s a crock, and not of gold.

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One Response to “Anthropic principle FAIL”

  1. bPer Says:

    I agree, Monado. I find it astounding that the anthropic principle is so popular, when all it takes is a moment’s thought to realize what’s wrong with it. And you can say the same about Pascal’s Wager.


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