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  • Lapis lazuli from Afghanistan
  • Catholicism for kids
  • Count to Ten. The Ten Commandments
  • Stealing, Slavery, and Stop Signs
  • Darwin’s advice on how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse
  • GOP Candidates a freak show (Huffington Post).
    • “I actually thought it would be impossible to top the 2008 group in terms of freak-showishness, when we had Sam Brownback running against Darwin and Tom Tancredo running on the xenophobia ticket,” [Roy] Sekoff said.
  • Nubians made antibiotic beer. This is being reported as a new discovery, but one of the commenters adds this:
    • Actually, the tetracycline in Nubian bones was discovered by graduate students at UMass and published in 1980. Margaret Keith determined that the antibiotic could not have been a contaminant and had to be ingested over some time, because only growing bone cells showed the antibiotic. The paper was published in Science 1980, vol 209 pp 1532-153.
  • How does fish oil combat inflammation?
    • …omega-3 fatty acids both shut down inflammation and reverse diabetes in obese mice. “Omega-3s are very potent activators of GPR120 on macrophages — more potent than any other anti-inflammatory we’ve ever seen,” said Jerrold Olefsky of the University of California, San Diego…. Activation of GPR120 by omega-3s blocks not one, but all inflammatory pathways.  When [mice that lacked the receptor] were made obese on a high-fat diet and treated with omega-3 fatty acids, they showed all the signs of inflammation and the insulin resistance that leads to diabetes.



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