Child-killing cult in U.S.

This is the usual story of SOME people dictating the suffering of others. The maternal mortality rate in the community is 900 times the Oregon average, yet people go to the dentist and wear glasses. Surely if God wanted people to have perfect sight, he’d heal them? Why are the men shaving? If God wanted them beardless, he’d keep them that way.

Why do women and children get to bear the burden of religious dogma? If I’m reading the linked article correctly, since 1955 this community, currently 1200 people, has had 78 child deaths and 15 stillbirths. Almost half of the children died before 1 year old. And 21 of the deaths were obviously preventable–perhaps more if their cases were looked at closely.

By their fruits you shall know them.


One Response to “Child-killing cult in U.S.”

  1. thewordofme Says:

    Hello there,

    “Almost half of the children died before 1 year old.”

    This is about the same child survival rate as Cro-Magnon’s had 20 or 30 thousand years ago.

    The cult is guilty of murder and child endangerment. As a civilized society we should outlaw this kind of cruelty, even if it means depriving someone of their “freedom of religion.” There are higher obligations to adhere too.
    But then you know that… :-)

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