Canadian Shield

We are driving “across Canada”: that is, from the centre to almost the left coast. We started in Toronto, have been on the road for four days, and are still in Ontario. However, we have gotten around a couple of Great Lakes and are now in the Kenora-Rainy River district, north of the twin cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul (which further north than Toronto). Got all that? We’re going to wave as we pass north of Morris, MN.

I’ve not driven this far west north of the Great Lakes and the scenery is rugged and spectacular. We are passing over ancient stubs of mountains that once were part of supercontinents. Glaciers have pushed away the accumulated sediments and exposed some of the most ancient surface rocks on Earth. Baked, metamorphosed sediments are warped and stood on end, igneous rocks are riven with magma intrusions.

Three days ago, we passed through the Sudbury Basin, a meteorite crater so old that it has been deformed into an oval. We saw the shatter cones from that impact and the fallback breccias from the debris, 1.9 billion years ago.


2 Responses to “Canadian Shield”

    • monado Says:

      Definitely! Most of them will be blurry, as I try to snap interesting geological formations at 100 km/h, but I’ll try to salvage something.

      I’m trying to upload some this morning to either Flickr or the blog, but they aren’t going.

      There are a couple on Flickr from the other day.

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