White Coat Underground leaves Scienceblogs

PalMD of White Coat Underground on Scienceblogs has decided to return to his old blog, White Coat Underground on WordPress, after concluding that Seed Magazine doesn’t consider their own science blogs to be legitimate journalistic media.

With the mishandling of the launch of a commercial ad-blog, Seed Media Group showed incompetence and mismanagement.  They also showed that they do not consider themselves (or we bloggers) to be “media” or journalists.  Whether we like it or not, we are the media, and while we may enjoy a great deal more freedom in style and content than most mainstream media, we cannot claim immunity from their ethics.It is for these reasons (and others, most of which have been eloquently and completely laid out by Bora Zivkovic) that I’m leaving ScienceBlogs, something I do with great regret.  I have gained immeasurably from my association with Sb and with the people here.  It has given me incredible opportunities.  But despite the advantages in exposure, the fit just isn’t good anymore.

This is a personal decision, not one that can be generalized to include anyone writing here.  The bloggers here are some of my favorite science writers, and always will be, whether they remain at Sb or go elsewhere.  I have nothing but respect and admiration for them.

… I will continue to write White Coat Underground at my old wordpress site for now, and will announce further plans there.   And I will continue my occasional pieces at Forbes.com and Science-Based Medicine.


4 Responses to “White Coat Underground leaves Scienceblogs”

  1. Eamon Knight Says:

    Damn, but the place seems to be imploding in a big way. Wanna make book on when PZ abandons ship? (He was making noises in that direction today). That, I think, will be the mortal blow.

  2. monado Says:

    I suspect that he will hang in there and give the Seed Overlords a chance to show that they’ve learned a lesson.

  3. Eamon Knight Says:

    That’s what he was saying today.

  4. monado Says:

    I’ve been out of touch, driving from Massey through the Soo and Wawa almost to Thunder Bay–not even cell phone coverage!

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