Martin Gardner

cover Gardner, Martin: “Fads and Fallacies” abridged pb photo, originally uploaded by monado.

Martin Gardner has died at age 96 after a career that was both long and useful. He was a fixture in Scientific American’s mathematical puzzles column for twenty-five years.

CORRECTION: Sudoko was probably invented by Howard Garnes. Thanks, Milan!

In the 1950s, he wrote “Fads & Fallacies in the Name of Science,” which debunked an extraordinary number of notions, from pseudoscientific and semi-scientific to the nonsensical. The abridged version is above; the full version below.

(Gardner, Martin: “Fads and Fallacies” complete soft cover)


5 Responses to “Martin Gardner”

  1. Milan Davidovic Says:

    Wikipedia claims a different origin of sudoku:

    What’s the source you consulted for Gardner as its creator?

  2. monado Says:

    I was going from memory of a blog article so I’m very likely wrong. I remembered that the game went from North America to Japan and back again. So I might just have jumped to the conclusion that it was Gardner, the way famous people get all the good lines.

  3. Milan Davidovic Says:

    True ’nuff — but no biggy…

  4. eamon knight Says:

    I read that book c. 1990 I think. It was my introduction to the whole concept of skepticism.

  5. Richard Nelson Says:

    It was interesting reading “Fads & Fallacies” and finding about hot things that cooled off totally by the present, and others that are still with us.

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