Roman Catholic Church values immature zygote over woman

a priest in a dark suit speaking from a lectern in a churchIn Arizona, Bishop Olmstead called a press conference to announce that staff at a Catholic hospital are automatically excommunicated if they value the life of a living, breathing, educated wife and mother over  9-week-old embryo. Without doubt, they saved a woman’s life by ending an 11-week pregnancy. The cat-licks won’t tell you this, but a woman is officially two weeks pregnant when the sperm hits the egg.

Helloooo? If an embryo is killing a woman, it has to go: wittingly or not, it is harming her. It was not a choice between the embryo and the woman: it was a choice between the embryo dying or the embryo and the woman dying.

Read all about it at Skeptic Money, which asks the right question: Why on earth do women stay in that church? The only answer must be childhood brainwashing.

There’s a good comment by a reader, at the Orlando Sentinel.

Nowadays, “excommunicated” might as well mean “lost my cell phone”, with surprisingly small bearing on the perception of a personal connection to God.I don’t think the Catholic Church is helping their case or their cause by putting their “position” up against medical necessity. And using A Really Big Brush to tar and feather anyone within “innocent bystander” range (”Hey, what do YOU think?”; “Sure, medically necessary”; ZZZzzapp, “YOU are OUTAHERE, too!”) may open a few more eyes to a basic ‘unreality’ being perpetuated here…

Thomas Olmstead is the Roman Catholic Bishop of Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.


2 Responses to “Roman Catholic Church values immature zygote over woman”

  1. Phil Ferguson Says:

    Thanks for the re post and blogroll addition.

  2. Spoony Says:

    Not only is it a choice between an embryo dying and a woman dying, it is a choice between an embryo dying and both the woman AND the embryo dying, so the embryo is screwed either way. I don’t understand how anyone could have a problem with that!

    By the way, Monado, I have been visiting other people’s blogs, though not yours because I put yours in a different folder (because it’s special!) and I only just remembered whose blog was missing! So I’m here, and I want to add that Lucas (my superhero fiance Lou Ryan) is now a movie star, and you can watch his film here:

    He’s also a upcoming TV show-star, as well as the star of a commercial which later went viral, both of which you can view here:

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