Near Death Experiences explained

Here’s another piece of non-evidence for souls: High levels of CO2 in the blood cause Near Death Experiences (NDEs) such as lights, tunnels, etc. You can’t prove that something doesn’t exist. However, this shows that personal experiences often cited as proof of life after death are in fact much more likely to be effects of blood chemistry on the brain.

If you’ve ever fainted or been knocked out or perhaps anaesthetized, I think you have a good idea of what death is like–like turning off a light. If you died suddenly, you wouldn’t even notice. There’s nothing to fear except missing the rest of your own story. What we imagine–an experience of being dead–doesn’t happen. We can’t experience death because we won’t be there to do so. It’s like, as someone said, thinking that 70 miles per hour still exists after the car has crashed.


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