Wait times for health care in Canada

Here is what I have seen in Canada:

  • Minor surgery from emergency room, wait, a few hours; if in treatment, a couple of days; cost, free.
  • Arthroscopic knee surgery: wait, 2 weeks – 5 months; cost, free.
  • Hip replacement: wait, 4 – 6 months; cost, free.
  • MRI and CAT scans: wait, a few hours – 1 day; cost, free.
  • Burn treatment: immediate; cost, free.
  • Double lung transplant with all pre and post treatment: wait, 7 months; cost, free.
  • Colostomy : wait, 2 – 3 weeks; cost, free.
  • Emergency room treatment, triaged by urgency; cost, free.
  • Medical lab tests, blood, urine, occult blood for colon cancer, ECGs, EKGs, etc: if done in hospital, a few hours, cost, free; if your doctor prescribes them, drop into the laboratory of your choice and be served in turn: a few minutes – a couple of hours; cost, free.
  • Annual physical exam, make your appointment and keep it; X-rays or ultrasounds (mammogram, prostate screening–the doctor gives you a prescription: make an appointment – a week or 1 – 2 months later, keep appointment; cost, free).
  • Colonoscopies to check for pre-cancerous polyps: doctor gives you a prescription if age or family history warrant it; you call hospital lab and make appointment; take the prep solution, keep appointment, get scoped, have someone take you home. Cost, free.
  • Blood in the urine: treatment, immediate; cost, free.
  • Spending a year in hospital dying of cancer – waiting time, none; cost, free. Planning visits from a case coordinator about long-term accommodation (that’s what the republicants are calling a death committee).
  • Stroke or heart attack – emergency treatment immediate, surgery scheduled as urgent elective and done within a day or two, physical and occupational therapy in hospital and live-in rehabilitation centres, living skills, more case coordinators, and follow-up visits at home, on schedule. Cost, free.
  • Infected wound: treatment immediate, hospitalization when symptoms warrant, daily house calls from nurse to fill & program antibiotic pump, months of physical therapy almost daily, drop in at hospital. No waiting. Cost, free.
  • Pregnancy & childbirth with all pre-natal and postnatal examinations: Waiting time, none: just make the appointments and show up. Cost, free.
  • All recommended inoculations for childhood diseases: given at school to classes or drop in at doctor; waiting, normally none (if supplies are limited, given to vulnerable age & health groups first); cost free.
  • Adult inoculations for flu or tropical diseases, drop in to clinic or doctor; free – $35 depending on province.

Get the picture?

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