It’s Zombie Scapegoat Day

In honor of a truly horrific primitive superstition, magically poofing the sins of a community into an innocent herd-beast and then beating it and driving it out into the desert to die, I now declare this to be International Zombie Scapegoat Awareness Day. On Zombie Scapegoat Awareness Day, we celebrate the Roman Catholic Church for its longstanding policy of blaming the victim:

* If disaster strikes or you get sick, you must have committed a sin.

* If you die, you didn’t have enough faith.

* If you, a child, tell anyone that a priest has been raping you, you are a sensationalist little liar.

* If you, an adult , tell anyone that you know a priest has been raping children, you are automatically excommunicated for  bringing disrepute on the church, thanks to Cardinal Ratzinger’s handy-dandy whitewash as Protector of the Faith (i.e. Chief Inquisitor).

* If you expect the church to expel or prosecute child-rapers or to protect children by never again allowing child-rapers to be alone with a child, you’re just mean and unforgiving. Symbolic scapegoating is all about giving real sinners a second chance.


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