That pesky border

In the wake of a failed terrorist bombing of a Detroit-bound plane (thank Murphy for failures!), taking a plane to the U.S. is even slower and more intrusive than ever. I don’t know why the airlines haven’t installed one good bomb sniffer to sample the air over the ticket lines. Canada had the technology 10 or 15 years ago, just up the road at MDS Sciex, to sample air from a corridor, a cargo container, or blowing from a building and detect the chemicals in it, including drugs or plastic explosives. I’ll bet they could use fans and ducting to have all the lineups sampled by one or two machines. There’d be no need for patting down passengers’ legs or scanning them into virtual nudity, and the cost would soon be made up by hiring fewer patters or gymnoscanners.

But s’welp me, if one more American tells me the border is an unnecessary nuisance and we should just get rid of it, I’m going to suggest that the U.S. petition for admission to the British Commonwealth as Lower Saskatchewan.


2 Responses to “That pesky border”

  1. jonolan Says:

    As an American I agree with one of your points. Anything that claims to be American but thinks that “the border is an unnecessary nuisance and we should just get rid of it,” needs to either get out of America or be shot dead like the traitorous it is.

  2. Monado Says:

    Hmm, I don’t think of it as traitorous so much as imperialistic.

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