Books: Darwin, edited by Philip Appleman

This is both a history of evolution and a biography of Darwin. It discusses the impact of his work on Western Civilization. Scientific developments that were influenced by Darwinian thought include:

  • Konrad Lorenz on ethology (animal behaviour and its origins),
  • Margaret Mead on evolution,
  • Jane Goodall on primate research,
  • Edward O. Wilson on sociobiology,
  • Richard Leakey on paleontology, and
  • Nicholas Wade on recombinant DNA research

This book has exerpts from the writings of pre-Darwinian scientists such as Sir Joseph Hooker and Sir Charles Lyell; exerpts from the Origin of Species and The Descent of Man; various debates showing how Darwin influenced science, philosophy, theology, society, and literature. There’s an epilogue by the editor, Philip Appleman.

It’s in my To Be Read pile.

Norton Critical Edition, 2nd edition, 1970.
370 pages plus index.


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