Canadians like their health care

CTV hired The Strategic Counsel to poll Canadians and Americans:

This recent poll by The Strategic Counsel surveyed 1,000 Canadians and 1,000 people in the United States.

When it came to health care, 45 per cent of Americans felt Canada had a superior system, while 42 per cent thought the United States should stick with its own.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of Canadians, 91 per cent, felt that Canada’s health care system was better than [that of] the United States.

More Canadians accept gay marriage

Since gay marriage was legalized and nothing much changed except that more of our friends got married, support for gay marriage has risen in Canada:

When it came to gay marriage, 68 per cent of Canadians backed supported it, while 28 per cent were against it. In 2005, when the government was considering whether to repeal the gay marriage bill, 55 per cent were in favour of gay marriage.

“I think this points to the reality being a lot less threatening to people than the concept. As people have gotten used to the issue, there’s been less anxiety over it,” said [Peter] Donolo [of The Strategic Counsel (a polling company)].

They also prefer President Obama.

The bi-national survey, conducted by the Strategic Counsel for CTV and The Globe and Mail, showed that here in Canada, Obama was more admired than Prime Minister Stephen Harper — or any other national leader.

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