New species in New Guinea volcano

Bosavi wooly rat, 3 kg

Bosavi wooly rat, 3 kg

Y’know, Africa was probably like this five hundred years ago. Researchers have found about forty new species in an extinct volcano in New Guinea. Their most spectacular kind was probably a large, vegetarian rat.

Mount Bosavi in the rainforest of Papua New Guinea is an extinct volcano 2.7 kilometres high, with a crater one kilometre deep and four kilometres wide. Life inside has evolved isolated from the outside world for 200,000 years, the last time the volcano erupted.

The silvery-grey Bosavi wooly rat, one of the biggest rats in the world, weighs 1.5 kilograms and is 82 centimetres long from its nose to its tail, as big as a house cat…

The crew also filmed the world’s smallest parrot in the wild for the first time. The buff-faced pygmy parrot is about nine centimetres tall and weighs less than 12 grams.The expedition team included biologists from Oxford University, the London Zoo and the Smithsonian Institute. Members of the BBC’s natural history unit filmed the exploration for a three-part documentary series called The Lost World of the Volcano.

The team chose Mount Bosavi because animal life there is poorly understood, and similar ecosystems in Papua New Guinea are being destroyed. The country’s rainforest, they said, is currently being destroyed at a rate of 3.5 per cent a year. There are extensive logging operations just 30 kilometres south of the volcano.

New species discovered in Mount Bosavi include a frog with fangs, a camouflaged gecko, a spider that drops a net on its prey, and a fish that can make grunting noises with its swim bladder.

If evolution can accomplish this in 200,000 years, then it can move quickly in geological time.


5 Responses to “New species in New Guinea volcano”

  1. bPer Says:

    Sounds like the makings of a really cheesy horror movie. All we need now is some anomalous radiation readings and a member of the team to go missing mysteriously. I can see the trailer now – “Based on a true story!”


  2. Says:

    Very interesting article.

    But maybe you should just know

  3. S E E Quine Says:

    MONADO! It’s been a while. I’m in Georgia right now, taking a break to go on other people’s blogs for a sec. I love it when they find new species!!! Hey, I started a new website called the Corrigendopedia just before leaving, which you might dig, and am going to continue when I get back.

  4. monado Says:

    Hey, great to hear from you! Have a nice vacation. I’ll take a look at Corrigendopedia — is that corrective or corrugated? ;)

  5. S E E Quine Says:

    Lolol! It’s both! Thanks for stoppin’ by! Maybe my website will one day be as rockin’ as this blog! Which I’d read more often if I could just chill out etc etc etc!!

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