Oldest working television in the U.K.


Someone has tracked down the oldest known working television in the United Kingdom. It happens to be in London, and it’s a Marconiphone.

The 1936 Marconiphone is thought to have been made in the months that Britain’s first “high-definition” television service began.

The set belongs to Jeffrey Borinsky, an electrical engineer and collector of antique television and radio sets.

He bought the set, which has a 12-inch (30cm) screen from another collector 10 years ago and is still working on restoring it to its original state.

The screen is mounted inside a wooden cabinet. The image from the cathode ray tube, mounted vertically inside the cabinet, is reflected onto a mirror.

The few controls include volume and vertical hold, but there is no channel changer, as there was only one channel when it was made: the BBC.

The origanal cost was 60 guineas, which the article says is the equivalent of £11,000 today.

To operate today it needs a converter to reduce the resolution of the picture from 625 lines to 475 scan lines in a screen.


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