Republican support: non-Hispanic whites over 65

Democratic politics watcher 538 reports “Democrats do Better Among the Most and Least Educated.”

Someone has used mini-charts to allow quick comparison of data for who, in ethnic and age groupings, voted for the Republican presidential candidate in the U.S. 2008 national election. Each graph plots five educational levels: no secondary school, completed(?) secondary school, some college, completed a degree, post-graduate education.

The only group that stays aboove 50% in spite of education is whites over 65, although whites 30 – 44 and 45 – 64 are well up there. Support among blacks is subterranean and among Asians and “other” is low except for the oldest “other” (South Asian, aboriginal, and Aboriginal?).   As one commenter pointed out, “it’s hardly surprising that it [the Republican Party] does the best among those who are neither targeted for derision and discrimination by the Republicans, nor sophisticated enough to see through them.”

The article adds, “All but six of the dots in the graph are based on sample sizes greater than 30.” The size of the circles in the graphs reflects the number of people for that data point. The poll is based on raw Pew data.

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