Minnesotans call for Senator Franken to be seated.

ASSOCIATED PRESS Nancy Gertner (right) joins other Minnesotans at a … – Washington Times

Senator Nancy Gertner and other Minnesotans rally at St. Paul MN in May. She feels that Minnesota is under-represented on agricultural issues without both its senators.

The people are asking for Norm Coleman to drop his lawsuits and protests and let Senator Franken be seated after seven months of delays. Senator Franken won the election, the recount, and the count of votes that both parties agreed to include. Coleman now wants to count another small batch of votes, although they are unlikely to change the result. Coleman notoriously suggested that Franken concede the election before all the votes were counted. The narrow margin of Franken’s win triggered an automatic recount. Coleman asked Franken to concede instead, to save taxpayers’ money. Now that he’s losing, he wants to spend taxpayers’ money until the cows come home. Can we spell “S-O-R-E    L-O-S-E-R”?

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