Baby pygmy marmoset on finger

Baby Marmoset on Finger, originally uploaded by balisane.

This is the cutest animal on the internets! A marmoset is a small monkey. But I had no idea they were so small!

Ah, these are pygmy marmosets, the smallest monkeys in the world. The photo of a monkey clinging to a finger is from the Everland Zoo and Theme Park in South Korea, which had a safari theme park in the 1970s.

The Lakes Aquarium, near Newby in the U.K., has baby twin marmosets. The babies spend most of their time riding on their father’s back. The father hands them over to their mother for nursing.

10 Responses to “Baby pygmy marmoset on finger”

  1. lje1 Says:

    That is absolutely adorable! Can I get permission to put the picture on my website with a link to this?

    Thanks for sharing!!
    Laurie J. Edwards

  2. Anita Winston Says:

    So adorable with a face any mother can love.

  3. monado Says:

    I’ve traced it back as far as Zooborns. So I guess you should start with Zooborns. I could not find it on the web site of the theme park they’re referring to. Since it was a safari park in the 70s, the picture might be old. However, some articles suggest that it still has a zoo. I can’t really give permission. It was just too cute to resist.

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  7. :( Says:

    i was doing my homewark on marmosets,i was gonna print it the next day but when i went swimming with my mum,my brother gave it to some laptop repairing guy,i did not save it on a memory stick and it wont come back for another week so i have to do it all over again and hand it in tomorow :(

  8. brooke Says:

    those monkeys are sooo ah-dorable!

  9. bianca Says:

    i seen it for adoption is it?

  10. Jenna Kay Says:

    OMG this is soooooooo cute i would love to have one of those I mean that face is sooooooooooooooooooooo adorable I just want to cry.

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