Commentary: God delusions cloud a world of wonders

Michael Coulter writes in The Age,

…What I see is a world slowly tearing itself apart for the sake of one faith or another. A world where an extreme faction of Islam wishes to put me and mine to the sword for my unbelief, and to shackle half the world for the crime of being born female. A world where an extreme faction of Christianity wants to throw away science for the sake of millenniums-old superstitions, and is prepared to kill in the name of life. A world where an extreme faction of Hinduism wishes to religiously purify India. A world where people are unashamedly trying to fulfil the biblical conditions for Armageddon.

Moderates say that these factions are perversions of faith…

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U.S. watch: the summer of shove

Al Giordano comments on U.S. President Obama, who he says is just now starting to turn from a crisis agenda forced on him by the mismanagement by previous governments, to fulfilling his own campaign promises for the health of the U.S. people and of the world.

Obama 2008

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