Nine-year-old organizes gay rights rally in Denver

dhbfemThe “NOM NOM NOM” campaign would have you believe that children are confused by having two parental figures of the same sex in the same household. Considering the variety of blended families and serial monogamy that they already deal with, that seems a little strained.

In real life and without indoctrination, children are on the side of fair play: Nine-year-old child organizes gay rights rally in Denver,

A Denver third-grader put himself front and center in the debate over same-sex marriage Saturday — 9-year-old Ethan McNamee organized a rally in support of marriage equality, lining up speakers and taking to the stage at Colorado’s state capitol.

McNamee got the idea to organize the event after hearing kids make antigay remarks on his school’s playground and learning that a same-sex couple in his neighborhood couldn’t get married.

“Everybody is different in a good way,” he told reporters, saying he believed if two people love each other, that is the only issue to consider.

Parents at Montclair Elementary were notified about Ethan’s project and only students who wanted to get involved participated. A few of his classmates helped him to make signs.

Ethan’s teacher Kyle Kimmal helped McNamee to organize the event but told reporters that he was careful not to impose his own views on the kids.

Comments on were split on Ethan’s involvement in the marriage debate. Some suggested the boy was far too young to have a formed opinion on marriage, while others praised Ethan and his parents for their inclusive views.


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