Boneheads and brazen liars

Steve Harper for discrimination

Stephen Harper

Being a Canadian Citizen while Brown

Abousfian Abdelrazik has been taking shelter in the Canadian embassy in Khartoum for years but Canada won’t let him fly home because there was a security watch on his name. He’s never been in trouble and has since been cleared by security groups, but that’s not good enough for Harper: the man’s an Ay-rab, after all.

Order the government to bring him home now, lawyers for Abousfian Abdelrazik asked a federal court judge yesterday, insisting that years of broken promises and duplicity must finally end.

abourfian-abdelrazikThe repeated, and always-tougher, requirements imposed by the government “can only be considered bad faith and reprehensible conduct in the extreme,” Paul Champ said. He asked Federal Court Justice Russel Zinn to “order the government to repatriate” Mr. Abdelrazik, who remains on the UN blacklist of al-Qaeda suspects despite being cleared by Canada’s antiterrorist agencies.

Mr. Champ said the government should be ordered to get Mr. Abdelrazik home by whatever means it chooses, whether on a commercial flight or a government jet, as long as the order brooks no further delay.

The government’s latest claim, that its hands are tied by the United Nations, amounts to “deliberately twisting what these resolutions mean to try and come up with a means to try and block” Mr. Abdelrazik’s return, Mr. Champ said.

Only a few hundred metres from the court building, opposition MPs railed during a raucous Question Period at Foreign Min[i]ster Lawrence Cannon for his treatment of Mr. Abdelrazik.

“The minister can no longer hide. There are no second-class citizens in this country,” said Liberal Bob Rae, referring to the assurances of a senior UN official who told The Globe and Mail that Canada could bring Mr. Abdelrazik home any time it wanted because the travel ban imposed by the blacklist didn’t bar citizens from returning home.

Mr. Cannon rejected the view of Richard Barrett, the senior UN official responsible for administering the UN’s al-Qaeda and Taliban list.

“This does not change anything,” Mr. Cannon said, adding that the government interpreted the UN resolution differently. “The government of Canada takes its international obligations very seriously.”

….he was imprisoned nearly six years ago in Sudan.

…. When more than 200 Canadians chipped in to buy him a ticket last month and Etihad Airlines offered to fly him to Montreal in defiance of the American “no-fly” list, separate from the UN blacklist, Mr. Cannon announced he was refusing Mr. Abdelrazik what had been previously promised, a one-way-home emergency travel document.

Being a Canadian Citizen while a Child Soldier, Unconscious, and Brown

And now, Harper is appealing the court’s decision that Canada must ask for our child soldier, Omar Khadr, back from the U.S. military prison camp at Guantanamo Bay.

Omar-KhadrKhadr was 15 and unconscious, and had been shot twice in the back, when he was captured by U.S. marines. Despite that, some of them are sure that of the nine people in the house, Omar was the one that threw a grenade at them. The others were all killed. Khadr was kept confined for two years before he got to see a lawyer. So much for habeas corpus and the right to a representative! But in spite of World Court rulings that a child soldier is not fully responsible for his or her actions while under the control of adults, Harper doesn’t want him back: he’s an Ay-rab! I can’t think of any other reason. Besides the small-minded meanness of the typical Conservative politician, that is.

Brian Mulroney for stupid lying

The former Liberal Conservative Prime Minister can’t remember what he did with all the money. First he sued the government for suggesting that he did anything wrong—and collected damages. Then he admitted that, yes, he did take hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash payments from an industry lobbyist.  But he says he didn’t do anything for it. So he’s not even an honest poliitician: he doesn’t stay bought.



4 Responses to “Boneheads and brazen liars”

  1. bPer Says:

    Hi Mona,

    Mulroney was a Progressive Conservative when he was PM. I read months ago that he never quit the party and was never expelled from the party, even after leading it to near oblivion, so he must now be a member of the CPC.


    • monado Says:

      Thanks! I didn’t want to slang him by assuming he was a Conservative, a la Faux News calling misbehaving Republican Senators Democrats. I’ll correct that.

  2. fliper Says:

    You seem to conveniently forget the actual events that led “poor lil’ omar” to his present situation…Khadr had admitted to an F.B.I. agent that he did ,in fact toss that gre ade that killed Chris Speer ..He showed no remorse for his action and he was pleased that his action resulted in the death of an Amreeican soldier.After he threw said grenade he attempted to rtun awy,THAT’S, when he was shot by Special forces soldiers..IF this ever gets to trial (despite Khadr’s legal team’s best efforts) I’m sure eyewitness testimony and other evidence ,such as videos of him assembling IEDs and planting roadside bombs will undoubtedly lead to a quick conviction and lengthy jail sentence…All this posturing about” poor lil omar” is rendered moot by one incontrovertable fact ,The Americans have him and they are going to make a FEDERAL CASE out of this terrorist thug…Obama has the little terrorist and you know what? He can f***ing well keep him.And while we’re at it why not deport the rest of his Al-Queda loving family..Canada doesn’t want them or need them!!!!

  3. Marnie Tunay Says:

    As Omar Khadr’s Canadian lawyer Dennis Edney recently remarked, Stephen Harper really hates to be told what to do:

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