Vaccines and formaldehyde

Here’s a delightful irony: if I read this correctly, the amount of formaldehyde in vaccines is so small that vaccines dilute the naturally occuring formaldehyde in our bodies.

Thinking is real: “Vaccines have toxic formaldehyde”!!!!!

Last week’s Sunday Night show about the whooping cough death of an Australian baby has made it clear that silence isn’t a very good option….

People trying to push an “alternative” health or lifestyle barrow love to list things they demonise as “CHEMICALS”, apparently not realising EVERYTHING is made from CHEMICALS… Even homeopathic “remedies” are made from CHEMICALS, namely water – and sometimes sugar or even alcohol….

Formaldehyde – a simple organic chemical made of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon — is a widespread and natural constituent of all living systems, from bacteria and fish to rodents and humans.

Due to its importance in various metabolic processes, formaldehyde is naturally present in the human body with concentrations of approximately one to two parts per million (ppm) in blood.

the evolutionary process had to include a way to ensure that formaldehyde’s inherent toxicity could be controlled. Certain enzymes… convert formaldehyde that is formed continuously in various biological processes to formate, which is less reactive and, therefore, less toxicto keep formaldehyde from reaching concentrations that are toxic to cells.

…clearly, the notion that the smallest fraction of formaldehyde, less than is already present in the baby’s bloodstream, is a toxin that no baby could possibly endure is a nonsense.

So there you have it.

The event that inspired the writer to research formaldehyde and anti-vaccine sentiment was the death of a small baby in Australia from whooping cough (pertussis). She was too young to be vaccinated but if the people around her were vaccinated she’d be unlikely to catch the disease.

On Sunday evening, Australia’s Channel 7 Sunday Night programme aired a positive, well researched and scientifically based story on the dangers of not vaccinating.

The report centred around the death of four week old Dana McCaffery from whooping cough. The tragedy was Dana was too young to be vaccinated, but lived in an area of low herd immunity, resulting in her contracting the deadly pertussis bacteria. There is no cure for whooping cough.

Dana’s parents, Toni and David made the brave decision to speak out to reporter Rebecca Maddern of “Sunday Night”. What resulted was a wake-up call for parents who don’t vaccinate as we viewed footage of tiny babies with pertussis and heard of the heart break from the parents. Dana’s paediatrician, Dr Chris Ingall, who was unable to save Dana, implored parents to vaccinate, not only to protect the lives of their own children but others as well.

The last time I looked, whooping cough had a small but not negligible mortality, somewhere between 1 and 8 percent.


26 Responses to “Vaccines and formaldehyde”

  1. Joel Says:

    YOUR THINKING IS FLAWED! THE AMOUNT OF FORMALDEHYDE INJECTED INTO A TINY BABY IS IN “ADDITION” TO WHAT ALREADY EXISTS! HOW COULD IT DILUTE IT!? AND WHEN GIVEN IN MULTIPLE VACCINES IN A COMBINED SHOT, IT IS MULTIPLY ADDITIVE, IN MY OPINION POSSIBLY OR PROBABLY DANGEROUS! MY 6 MONTH OLD HAD A “MILD REACTION” TO A DPaT HiB Polio Hep B combination shot, made by INFANRIX – TM HEXA 6! His low grade fever, 37.7C, BUT HE FELT QUITE HOT, resolved in 48 hours. BUT – Shortly after the shot, and continuing now: He stopped eating well, refusing previously loved foods, stopped nursing well, stopped sleeping through the night crying as if in distress, cries a lot for no apparent reason, seems irritable, and has lost ability to focus and be involved with his toys and us for extended time periods (attention deficit). His regular schedule has been completely destroyed, and we are very worried that he may have lifelong learning disabilities. He has been a healthy happy baby, developing in an advanced way, being early at most developmental stages! He has been very advanced, standing with support at 4 months, and walking in a walker at six months. He stands with support on a count of three and knows the words up and down, and much more! Also – what the hell is bovine extract? DNA? Monkey tissue? What tissue? Does animal DNA belong in humans? The primary duty of all physicians is “DO NO HARM!” I feel that the pharmaceutical industry is solely profit oriented and so are the doctors! One thing is for sure: SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG, OBVIOUSLY CAUSED BY THE VACCINES! My pediatrician said it is “not necessarily” due to the shot, and admitted it is “probably” due to the shot only after five minutes of direct questioning, the answers to which he did his best to avoid giving! He wanted to do a blood test to check for bacterial infection if the fever didn’t resolve! My baby’s symptoms began within an hour or two after the shot!

  2. Kristie Says:

    It’s not right to blame those not vaccinating for outbreaks of whooping cough…blame those that still send their kids to child care, kinder and school when their sick!!
    My 4 boys got whopping cough after they were vaccinated…it is only 80% effective…

  3. Joel Says:

    Only 80% effective according to whom?! All statistics can be and are used to promote a given agenda. How do you know it’s no tonly 20% effective?

    Drug companies pay off politicians, and pay doctors to give them the results in drug trials that they need to get their drugs approved for market!

    All the evidence indicates that all diseases we vaccinate for, and many we don’t, were already in sharp decline due to improved sanitary conditions, healthy water supply, and nutrition in the western world!

    Many vaccinated kids get measles en masse in schools! 80% effective my you know what!

  4. Joel Says:

    We don’t vaccinate for Scarlet Fever! How common is that disease compared to 100 years ago? Read this!

  5. robin cook Says:

    its says in the text that there is no cure for whooping cough, but i had it when i was 8 and i am 58 now.
    the idea of injecting ourself with formaldehyde sounds very dangerous we are exposed to it in the enviroment in modern buildings at very high rates.
    but i can see the idea of vaccines we did not let our children have the mra vaccine.,we found out some of our local health center employees did not give it to their children.we need much beter testing and trials of vaccines.

    • monado Says:

      What formaldehyde? An apple has more formaldehyde. As I recall, the amount of formaldehyde in vaccines dilutes the amount naturally in the bloodstream.

      “Antibiotics directed against Bordetella pertussis can be effective in reducing the severity of whooping cough when administered early in the course of the disease. Antibiotic therapy can also help reduce the risk of transmission of the bacterium to other household members as well as to others who may come into contact with an infected person. Unfortunately, most people with whooping cough are diagnosed later with the condition in the second (paroxysmal) stage of the disease.”

      • Christina Solis Says:

        What your missing here is that these babies aren’t eating the formaldehyde where it would be able to leave the system. They are having it administered into their muscle where it stays for a longer period of time thus creating problems. Even worse is the aluminum adjuvant :( There aren’t any “tests” to prove that all these additives are harmful until it’s your baby that is affected. How can millions of mothers be wrong, you know your babies. Why are there so many additives in these vaccines many are also made from monkeys??

    • monado Says:

      I didn’t say that everyone dies of whooping cough if that’s what you’re trying to imply. Most people get better when their immune system rallies, but some people die. I’ve had whooping cough, too, and I would rather have had a vaccination.

  6. monado Says:

    The point is that we manufacture a small amount of formaldehyde in our own bodies and we know how to break it down, so the truly minuscule amount in vaccines is not harmful.

    The whole issue of vaccine harm is classic goalpost-shifting. The mercury link was manufactured using fraudulent research by someone who was being paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to find it and who had other financial interests in discrediting accepted vaccines. He was in the pocket of Big Moolah. When mercury was removed from vaccines–and it disappeared from Canadian vaccines ten years earlier than U.S. ones, without affecting autism rates–anti-vaccine alarmists picked formaldehyde or unspecified “toxins” as the culprit. It didn’t matter what they picked as long as they could blame something, because they were convinced that vaccines were the problem. Moving the goalposts instead of re-thinking your evidence is bad logic.

    Meanwhile, millions of dollars have been spent looking for possible correlations and finding nothing. That money could have been better spent on solving real problems. Let me put it another way: people are dying now who could have been saved if money hadn’t been diverted from more useful research to reassuring vaccine denialists.

    Furthermore, research is turning up more and more genetic anomalies that are associated with autism and improved diagnosis is pushing detection of autism to before vaccines are even given. You’re going to have to admit they are not the problem.

    • Joel Says:

      If your baby had an adverse reaction to a shot, one that turned him into a “screaming in pain, crying vegetable for 6 days”; I doubt you would continue to defend vaccines as currently given, in multiples! There is ample evidence that improved sanitary conditions and water supplies run parallel to severe decreases in diseases that previously ran rampant! There is also ample evidence that increased vaccination has run parallel to notable increases in ADD, ADHD, Autism, SIDS (infant crib death), learning disabilities, etc., and even the appearance of new disorders!
      Business has a reputation for “acceptable” risk; like a car manufacturer’s actuary telling them that even with 100 million cost in law suits over death causing defects, they will still make 10 billion in profits, “so let them die!” Do you think big Pharm and the medical industry, including doctors whose bottom line is tied to expensive vaccination, is any more responsible?

  7. monado Says:

    Gene studies begin to unravel autism puzzle.” There’s more and more evidence that autism has a genetic basis.

    Vegetables don’t scream. Coincidences happen. You have to look at the data, not anecdotes. If someone drops dead right after eating an ice cream cone, that doesn’t mean that ice cream causes strokes. The incidence of hepatitis cases shows Hep A & B declined after a vaccine was developed while Hep C kept on at its usual levels, then declined after a vaccine was developed for it. It’s the same pattern for other diseases. Different declines *just* after a vaccine was developed can’t be explained by a general increase in public sanitation. Get a clue!

    • Joel Says:

      OK, I know the possibility, even probability that many vaccines are beneficial to society as a whole. However, I stand by my previous comments regarding one’s own baby having an awful, possibly life changing for the worst, reaction to a shot! Society as a whole be damned! Would you sacrifice your baby (or yourself) for society? I wish a Hep A vaccine was available for me, rather not have had it! But Hep B and C are transmitted only via blood. needles and sex! So why give a one day old baby a Hep B shot? Why combine shots, mixing those that have known adverse reactions with those that are known to have no detrimental effects? things are out of control! So much so, especially regarding the pharmaceutical industry! So you give your kid the shots. I’ll trust society’s improved immunity to protect my kid from tose diseases that have dangerous vaccines! Tetanus protection is available even after one is exposed. I believe shots should not be given in such mass doses, and only after a kid’s immune sytem is well developed! Giving infants such huge quantities of foreign substances is idiocy!

      • monado Says:

        Yes, you can administer tetanus vaccines after exposure–if you’re aware of the injury and that that particular injury caused an infection, If you miss the scrape or puncture, your child will die in agony. Nice trade-off! Vaccines are combined to minimize the number of injections. If they interfere with each other, they are not combined although they may be given on the same day in different parts of the body.

        “Hepatitis B is a serious disease caused by a virus that attacks the liver. The virus, which is called hepatitis B virus (HBV), can cause lifelong infection, cirrhosis (scarring) of the liver, liver cancer, liver failure, and death. The younger the person, the greater the likelihood of staying infected and having life-long liver problems, such as scarring of the liver and liver cancer.”

        That’s why. They want your child to have a long and healthy life. And because babies are exposed to blood at birth and unpredictably throughout childhood.. They don’t know if parents or schoolmates are carrying the virus. Also, “HBV,,, has been shown to remain infectious on environmental surfaces for more than 7 days at room temperature.” So your baby doesn’t ever have to be in the same room as someone with Hepatitis B to be infected.

        “An estimated 2 billion persons worldwide have been infected with HBV, and more than 350 million persons have chronic, lifelong infections. HBV infection is an established cause of acute and chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis. It is the cause of up to 80% of hepatocellular carcinomas. The World Health Organization estimated that more than 600,000 persons died worldwide in 2002 of hepatitis B-associated acute and chronic liver disease.” Who wouldn’t want to protect their child from that?

  8. Andrea Says:

    My 3 children are 100% vaccine free. And their medical records are illness free, only injuries from being rough boys have they been to the doctors office. Only once has my children gotten a severe sickness, we all got the Swine Flu when my husband was exposed to it at work. We all survived. A person’s immune system doesn’t even fully develop for 12 years. Why are we committing genocide on their immune systems as young as 2 months old now, and it used to be at birth. How in the world can you even know what’s “normal” development, physically and mentally when it is getting broken down so young?? All 3 of my children rolled over both ways at 2 months old, crawling at 4-5 months and walking at 7 months old, running at 9 months old, pooping in the potty at 17 months old, my youngest pats himself on his bum and says “poo poo” at 17 months old when he has to “go”. I truly believe they understand things a lot earlier and talk and communicate very early too. Everyone I know who knows my children as they grow up say they can’t believe how fast they do things. I believe it’s got a lot to do with not vaccinating them, putting poisons into their brains to damage them at such young ages. If your child dies of a vaccine injury, they are 100% at risk. I hate it when the doctors and nurses say, there is just a 5% chance of a severe reaction or death. Not to those who’s babies have died right after being vaccinated. They were 100% at risk. When I read the fliers on each vaccine when I was reading over them before I made my decision, “or death may occur”; The benefit doesn’t outweigh the risk. I just wish parents would educate themselves before making those choices. God Bless ♥

    • monado Says:

      Congratulations on having a healthy, early-developing family. However, we can not take your experience and apply it to the whole world. That’s what statistics are for. For a hundred thousand children, the chances of dying or being maimed by disease are measurably higher than the chances of harm from vaccines. That’s why health departments keep statistics for everyone. And the statistics show a 95% or greater drop in deaths when vaccines are introduced.

      You children are also protected because the people they meet are immunized, so that germs are not circulating as much as they used to. By avoiding the tiny risk of a bad vaccine reaction, you are getting a free ride on the bravery of everyone who does get vaccinated. That doesn’t work if everyone else starts to freeload, too.

      I can’t think of a vaccine that has a 5% chance of a severe reaction unless by “severe” you mean “some fever.” The U.S. will not allow smallpox vaccinations any more and their bad reaction rate is far lower than that–because by medical calculations the risk of vaccinating is too high.

      My family has been vaccinated all their lives, every year, every recommended shot and none of us has had any tangible injury from it. I was walking at 9 months and reading at three years. Of course, before vaccines were available I had a cousin crippled by polio and an uncle killed in childhood by diphtheria. So there’s my example to put against yours.

      • Joel Says:

        Dear Monado! God bless you and your kids! But what you say above is just lies! Most adverse reactions go unreported, including death, as the pharmaceutical companies themselves are supposed to do much of the reporting! My pediatrician reported my child’s adverse effects to the company that makes the vaccine. He told me they would contact me. They never did! You are just lucky! The minute one of your kids becfame a vegetable with screaming and crying non-stop due to, encephalitis, brain swelling from a vaccine, I guarantee your opinion would change! It would make you feel like killing those responsible! Even the most peaceful man will kill to protect his child when necessary! If they do something that almost kills your baby, or does tragically kill your baby, how owuld you feel! You do a great disservice to yourself and the world espousing your position!

    • monado Says:

      So you’re not illness-free and their illness could have been prevented or made less severe by swine flue vaccine. How does an intramuscular injection put poisons into children’s brains? Have you not heard of the blood-brain barrier? If your child dies of eating aspirin, the most common actual poisoning, they are also 100% dead. Do you keep aspirin in the house? How about dishwasher detergent? Did you know that 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon is enough to kill a toddler?

      • Andrea Says:

        People always attack this way. Ask the several THOUSAND parents whose children have been injured or have died from vaccines how they feel about them. Vaccines are not the reasons that disease rates have dropped, that’s been proven over and over. Do some more research.

        ” The Oral Polio Vaccine Is a Major Cause of Polio:
        Strebel, Peter M., et al. “Epidemiology of poliomyletis in U.S. one decade after the last reported case of indigenous wild virus associated disease,” Clinical Infectious Diseases (CDC, February 1992), pp. 568-79.
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        The Polio Death Rate Was Declining Before the Vaccine Was Introduced:
        Alderson, Michael. International Mortality Statistics (“Washington, DC: Facts on File, 1981), pp. 177-78.”

        “Numerous Studies Show That Vaccine Injections Cause Paralytic Polio:
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        “A recent study conducted by the CDC found that children who were vaccinated (but not fully) tend to come from homes run by poor, unmarried, badly educated mothers who trust their doctors, whereas children who were never vaccinated tend to come from homes where they are well-provided for, with married parents who possess a college degree and do not permit doctors to influence their vaccination decisions.
        [Fox, Maggie. “Reasons Differ for Unvaccination and Undervaccination of Children.” Reuters. July 6, 2004.]”

        There is so much evidence that proves how much damage is being done on our innocent children, people should research more. The risk does not outweigh the benefit. Why is 5% passable to you?? Isn’t one child who dies from vaccines too many??? 5% is a lot when it comes to 6 in every 1000 births. And what about everything else in vaccines?? Do you know that by 18 months of age if a child has all the recommended shots, has been given 5 mg of Aluminum during this schedule, straight into their bloodstream? Dr. Victor Vaughn with the University of Michigan said “all salts of aluminum are poisonous when injected”. Aluminum is being linked to autism and Alzheimer’s. Mercury was “phased out” as aluminum was phased in. Why is this so passable and allowable or enabled?? So while millions of children were given mercury for a while, they had so many deaths and injuries…they say ok, we’ll change to something else, aluminum now is the accepted poison. And Autism hasn’t gone down in statistics has it? There was a 20% increase in aluminum content to vaccines when the mercury was phased out. How is that better or safe? It’s not. I will not have my children be their Guinea pigs. That’s all this is.

    • Joel Says:

      Thank you so much Andrea! I wish I could have spoken to you before giving my baby a combo shot that may have damaged his brain for life! e is progressing normally. But he was very advsnced before his shot. Thank God he is a happy normal child. I agree with you. We should not follow statistics, that are known to lie, that are manipulated to prove a given agenda, and that have no bearing when it comes to each individual child!

    • Steve Vowles Says:

      And aren’t you lucky that smallpox has been eradicated because other people didn’t remain “100% vaccine free”
      The best that can said about your actions is that they have been driven by ignorance. The worst? That you show a callous disregard for the health and well being of your children and your neighbours

  9. Andrea Says:

    There are so many… way too many children injured and killed. If this was a commercial product, after injuring one child, it would have been recalled… think about these things… These are our children we are talking about. God says that it’s better to have a mill stone tied around your neck and thrown into the sea than to hard one of His little ones.

  10. Andrea Says:

    than to harm I meant to say.

  11. monado Says:

    Oh, please! Correlation is not causation. Immunize the entire population and bad things will happen to a few of them about the same time. It doesn’t cause them any more than having a doctor’s examination causes the heart attack of someone who drops dead right after. If that were true, we could eliminate heart attacks by eliminating doctors’ visits.

    Don’t you know how many people really died in before vaccinations? The School for the Deaf that Alexander Graham Bell worked at? Because there were so many deaf children after they had measles! Helen Keller? Struck deaf and blind by a childhood illness! That doesn’t happen any more. When parents started skipping their measles vaccinations in England, children started dying of measles again. That can be laid at the doorstep of Andrew Wakefield and his fraudulent research, for which he was paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to find or manufacture evidence that could be used to sue pharmaceutical companies for millions.

    Yes, I know there were cases of polio caused by vaccines. That’s why the Public Health Departments stopped using that kind of vaccine, even though properly prepared it gives better lifelong immunity. I still see people from other countries limping around because they couldn’t get the vaccine.

    All I’m saying is, concentrate on the real dangers.

  12. monado Says:

    Andrea wrote
    “Why is 5% passable to you?? Isn’t one child who dies from vaccines too many??? ”

    Ahem… that’s 5% children with a bit of a fever and fretfulness the day after. If 5% of children died, that would be one or two in every classroom or daycare. Get real!

  13. Andrea Says:

    I have three friends whose children have been injured by vaccines, and two of them died. How do you explain taking your healthy, active, bright 2 month old baby in for her first shots, then 2 hours later, she’s dead?? There are thousands, why don’t you research? This is not a joke or a passable ideology. IF vaccines really worked, then the concept of my children (or myself, not being vaccinated fully) being “the danger” is ignorance. When a child/adult/person gets a vaccine, they are now carriers of the disease and they are contagious as well (symptoms, fevers etc…), they are the ones who are the danger, my child would be the one at risk of being exposed to the newly vaccinated child. They should stay home until they’ve shed the virus or bacteria they have just been given, just like any other sickness; ie. the flu or strep throat. The problem is giving up to 13 diseases and deadly toxins to a baby/toddler at the same time. A 6 lb baby gets the same amount of the vaccine as a 20 lb toddler. You act like the worst reaction is a little fever. Then why in the world is there a vaccine injury compensation act?? This is in our bill of rights, if a child is injured or killed, the family is able to be compensated and or have lifetime medical care for that child. By the time a child is 18 months old, they’ve been given up to 38 vaccines, the aluminum content alone for the Hep B shot at birth is 250 mcg, that’s 20 TIMES HIGHER THAN SAFETY LEVELS, by 2 months old they get another whopping 1,225 mcg of aluminum in their vaccines, that’s 50 TIMES HIGHER THAN SAFETY LEVELS!!! Does this even matter to you?? By the time they’ve reached 18 months with all the recommended vaccines, they’ve been given 5 MG OF ALUMINUM??? And the FDA says that safety levels are 4-5 mcg per kg of body weight OR LESS!!! You know that 0.5 CC’s of a shot that you get as an adult is the same amount they give a 12 lb baby. And I’m just talking about the ONE toxic ingredient here and there are several as you know. And the amount of diseases they’re given at one time, when was the last time you got 13 diseases at ONCE??? How did you recover?? And at 12 lbs with ZERO immune system with no liver strength to handle that. Babies are born without an immune system, they develop this as they grow, a human immune system isn’t even fully developed until 12 years old. A human brain isn’t even fully developed until 25 years. So why start damaging the body and brain with neurotoxins beginning at birth?? It’s not the diseases that are the problem, it’s the additional ingredients that are the killers. And for the record, there are natural ways of building an immune system, there are homeopathic vaccines that are truly effective. Without toxic chemicals and giving a baby numerous diseases at once. And also for the record, when my family got the Swine Flu, my two children at the time, had fevers and were down for a couple of days, they recovered faster than a stomach flu or common cold. Being exposed to a disease is not dangerous when you have a strong immune system that can battle it. Like I said before, if vaccines were a commercial item that killed ONE child, it would have been recalled at once. But thousands of children are injured or killed by vaccines and we keep using them. The USA has 20,000 adverse vaccine reactions reported to the Federal Government each year, that includes fevers, hospitalizations and deaths. And David Kessler, former director of the FDA said that only about 1% of adverse reactions are even reported, 90% of doctors don’t even report adverse reactions. SIDS is a cover up. All death has a reason!!! When does SIDS most likely happen, starting at what age?? Look it up… 2 months – 4 months; do you know that there are no SIDS cases in the Amish communities? They don’t vaccinate! Read the stories…do the research. Don’t just attack me, because I’ve volunteered my personal convictions, I am not a target. We are thousands who don’t traditionally vaccinate.

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