Australian homeopath lets baby daughter die

People who think that alternative medicines aren’t dangerous forget that alternative treatments displace proven ones. In Australia, a homeopath and his wife ignored medical advice to take their severely exzemic daughter to a dermatologist. While they mucked about with homeopathic treatments, their baby suffered repeated infections through her blistered and weeping skin. After five months of suffering, she died at the age of nine months.

THE parents of a baby girl who suffered from severe eczema ignored the advice of doctors and persisted with alternative medicine for their daughter until she died from infection, a court has heard.

Homeopath Thomas Sam and his wife Manju Sam are accused of the manslaughter of their nine-month-old infant daughter, Gloria Thomas, by gross criminal negligence.

On the opening day of their Supreme Court trial, a 12-member jury was told the Indian-born parents knew Gloria was suffering eczema on her face, arms, legs and torso at four months, but they failed to take her to a dermatologist.

The court heard that by the time Gloria was six months old, her eczema had begun weeping, causing her clothing and nappies to stick to her skin, which would tear whenever her parents changed her. Crown prosecutor Mark Tedeschi QC said the baby girl’s skin began to peel off, allowing infections to enter her bloodstream.

In the last five months of her life, Gloria was subjected to repeated infections which “placed a great deal of stress on her body,” Mr Tedeschi said. He added that the baby “wasn’t able to get sufficient nutrition to fight off infections and to grow”.

Gloria died from septicemia in May 2002 weighing just 5.3kg – which was “well below the third percentile for her age”, the court heard.

She had lost 20 per cent of her body weight at a time she should have been gaining 500g per week, the court heard.

Her body’s inability to fight off the eczema had left her with “an extreme vitamin and mineral deficiency and a severely weakened immune system”, Mr Tedeschi told the jury.

He said Gloria’s parents had failed in their duty of care to her by not ensuring she received proper medical attention.

The court heard Sam, who has a Masters in Health and Administration at University of Western Sydney and taught homeopathy, also failed in his duty of care to his daughter as a patient.


4 Responses to “Australian homeopath lets baby daughter die”

  1. AndyD Says:

    The father was a teacher of homeopathy – and not in some superstitious third-world backwater – in Sydney, Australia!

    It’s difficult to know what to say about this except – why the hell is it legal to practice this witchcraft here?

  2. Kate Pascoe Says:

    It’s not witchcraft. I have successfully been treated for asthma with homeopathy where conventional medicine can do little but open u the airways. We have also used it succeeffuly on animals on the farm for a variety of conditions. I also have (con tact) ezema and my heart goes out to the little baby – it’s unbearable and I have found conventional cortizone creams effective. However, to my knowledge, they are not safe over the entire body in the medium term(more than two weeks) and it is possible the parents had already tried these creams in the past – they are avaialble without a prescription up to 1 per cent which is all I use, but they may not be a lasting solution. The challenge of treating eczema with homeopathy and other alternative treatments can be that it may take time to find the root cause ( eg reactions to foods, allergies) and for the treatments to heal. In the meantime you are itching like crazy. The father should have compromised his beliefs to ease the discomfort of his baby whilst he attempted to treat her from within, look at diet etc.. Obviosuly it soudns as if the baby should have been in hospital where they can apply wet bandages to ease suffering. I am new to ezema but what works really well to soothe and ease itching ( but not infection) is oat milk. But I also use anti-histamine as prescribed by my doctor and cortisone creams to prevent a worsening condition.

  3. Stuart Says:

    well homeopathy is witchcraft, it doesn’t follow know laws of physics/chemistry (let alone logic and rational), was developed by some 16th century german numbnut, and frankly has no place in modern medicine) I know many people claim “well all I know is it worked for me” whilst at the same time taking convetional medicine, or ignoring the fact that many conditions heal unaided over time. you say it worked for animals too could you tell us more?

  4. Homeopathy awareness | Friendly Humanist Says:

    […] It hurts people because they take homeopathic treatments instead of real medicine. See for example this tragic story about Gloria Thomas Sam, a nine-month-old girl who died horribly because she was given homeopathic […]

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