Electrifying personalities

From the Digital Bits Skeptic, Andy Kaiser, comes an amusing and edifying story about people who generate electrical fields, stop watches, and fry electronics: “A shocking lesson in human nature“.

Several months ago, I wrote and posted an article about “human static electricity generators”. I wrote it for laughs, and poked fun at a pseudoscientific claim that didn’t even take itself seriously. This was the case of Mavis Price, and an interview she gave to the UK newspaper the Daily Mail. Ms. Price is a woman whose body supposedly generates a massive amount of static electricity. Like a high-voltage ninja, this power gives her a “death-touch” to any electrical appliance. Computers and vacuum cleaners and television sets have all fallen victim to this static buildup.

So I wrote a critical article about this, poking fun at the situation and offering many suggestions as to why Ms. Price may be misinterpreting her symptoms.

And the strangest thing happened: the article received a few comments, as the articles usually do, but these comments were different. They were from people chiming in to support Ms. Price. Starting with comment number three, many of these people claimed they could generate their own static electricity, and, like Ms. Price, expressed their frustration at how this power is irritating and interferes with their daily life.

Andy was surprised to find so many people among his skeptical readers who believe that they generate myterious electrical fields. Read on to find out the result:”A shocking lesson in human nature“.


One Response to “Electrifying personalities”

  1. Andy Kaiser Says:

    Andy Kaiser here, the host of Digital Bits Skeptic.

    Yep, the situation above was indeed really weird. It came as a complete surprise to me, both in terms of the support shown for Ms. Price, and that so many people could still believe something you and I might think is not even worth considering. But, as you say, let’s let your readers read the rest of the article to find out what happened.

    Thanks for the highlight!


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