Slate: “Politicians lie, numbers don’t


Economic indicators for the past fifty years show that U.S. presidencies who are Democrats are better for the economy.

The figures below are all from the annual Economic Report of the President, and the analysis is primitive. Nevertheless, what these numbers show almost beyond doubt is that Democrats are better at virtually every economic task that is important to Republicans.

…there are no figures here about income inequality, or percentage of the population with health insurance, or anything like that. This exercise implicitly assumes that lower taxes are always good and higher government spending is always bad. There is nothing here about how clean the air is or how many children are growing up in poverty. The only point is that if you find the Republican mantra of lower taxes and smaller government appealing, and if you care only about how fast the economy is growing, not how that growth is shared, you should vote Democratic. Of course, if you do care about things like economic inequality and children’s health, you should vote Democratic as well.

Hanny’s Voorwerp

A Galaxy Zoo volunteer, Hanny Arkel, noticed an unusual object and flagged it for attention. It’s now called Hanny’s Voorwerp (Dutch for “object”).


The voorwerp is the blue blob just below the big galaxy. We’ve now decided that it’s more green than blue, so in other illustrations you’ll see it as green.

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Why people believe in God

We’re getting closer to understanding the need for belief.

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