Another Kinkade-Cthulhu mashup

Here’s another mashup of images from an idealized landscape with the the horror of the deeps.

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6 Responses to “Another Kinkade-Cthulhu mashup”

  1. T.Kinkade Says:

    I love it!

  2. caca Says:

    gosh! kalata oi!

  3. Another Kiwi Says:

    See folks? Wrap up your foodscraps properly or varmints will be attracted.

  4. Do Gooder Press - The guy whose work launched a thousand jigsaw puzzles and plastic house knickknacks has passed away… Says:

    […] I don’t want to give anyone the idea I’m happy he’s passed away; I just find his life and career a curiosity, as well as a comment on that nebulous thing we call “art.” One essayist, Joan Didion, summed up why his work could appeal to some readers who enjoy the same sorts of books I do: “A Kinkade painting was typically rendered in slightly surreal pastels. It typically featured a cottage or a house of such insistent coziness as to seem actually sinister, suggestive of a trap designed to attract Hansel and Gretel. Every window was lit, to lurid effect, as if the interior of the structure might be on fire.” I guess that’s why I found this image so appealing. […]

  5. Seething With Apathy Says:

    Wasn’t he also at the point where he wasn’t even painting his work anymore? I thought I had read somewhere that he had people copying his style and he would only pause long enough to sign it.

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