Intelligent Design fail in attacking HIV science

ERV science blogger

ERV on Scienceblogs describes a new example of what I call the Behe blunder, making a big anti-evolution point that might be valid if you had got your facts right in the first place. This one is soon to be a classic in the tale of “Why do people laugh at Creationists?”

First, she quotes them:

David Klinghoffer wrote…

An illustration of this that Seelke mentions is antiviral drug cocktails used to treat HIV infections. The cocktails, comprising three drugs working simultaneously, take advantage precisely of the HIV virus’s key weakness — its general inability, for all the virus’s notoriously high rate of mutation, to produce three separate protective mutations at the same time. To save lives, medicine here is using its implicit knowledge of evolution’s inadequacy.

Then she explains HAART therapy, and how Klinghoffer has Behe-blundered:

HIV-1 does NOT need to ‘evolve’ resistance to all the drugs in HAART therapy. The drug resistance mutations are already there, in every patient, for no reason at all. Just chance. Its just a matter of how fit those resistant viruses are, and they do regain fitness over time.

Read “IDiots and HIV-1, now with gratuitous lazrs.”


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