The Amazing Randi

randi2I won’t give away how, but The Amazing Randi showed us how all of us bright people in the audience could be deceived without even noticing that we were interpreting and making decisions about what our senses told us.

Michael Ruse does some special pleading

On the opening night of the CFI World Conference, Michael Ruse gave a presentation in which he stated that teaching evolution in schools is unconstitutional in the U.S. because it implies that the biblical creation story isn’t true. Law FAIL!

Kristine at Amused Muse was there… He refused to answer her pointed and lucid question about what that means for teaching other sciences.

The comments are worth reading, too.

Carnival of the Africans 6 at Everyday Skeptics

Check out this carnival about African science, skepticism, and academic life.

Africa at night

Africa at night

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