Jesus and Ken Ham seen in pub

PZ-pub-05-Ken-and-Jesus-flash, originally uploaded by monado.

After the Centre for Inquiry talk by PZ Myers on Hallowe’en night in Toronto, Larry Moran led some of the attenders, including PZ, through a short maze of U. of T. buildings and across the street to a pub, where we could continue talking.

There, astute shutterbugs caught Ken Ham asking Jesus for an autograph.

I have other pictures from that evening but most of them are marked “friends only” because I don’t know if people want to let their photos be shown. If you were there and want to see the pictures, just apply to become a friend; then you can tell me if you want your picture, if there is one, to be public.

Is anyone going to the CFI World Conference in Washington, DC?

2 Responses to “Jesus and Ken Ham seen in pub”

  1. bPer Says:

    Hi Mona,

    Since we shared a table at the pub, you might have a picture of me. If so, you have my permission to make it public.

    Here’s my version of that momentous meeting of religious icons:

  2. bPer Says:

    Drat, the link didn’t work. Let’s try it as an unadorned URL:

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