Wolf-blanket camouflage

If you’ve ever succumbed to the temptation to buy one of those cheap, but very cuddly, plush blankets, you’ll appreciate this next LOLcat.

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New Dinosaur Gallery – now with added Barosaurus

At long last, I’ve posted to flickr my images of the Royal Ontario Museum’s new dinosaur gallery, with several shots of their new exhibit, the Barosaurus.

Jesus and Ken Ham seen in pub

PZ-pub-05-Ken-and-Jesus-flash, originally uploaded by monado.

After the Centre for Inquiry talk by PZ Myers on Hallowe’en night in Toronto, Larry Moran led some of the attenders, including PZ, through a short maze of U. of T. buildings and across the street to a pub, where we could continue talking.

There, astute shutterbugs caught Ken Ham asking Jesus for an autograph.

I have other pictures from that evening but most of them are marked “friends only” because I don’t know if people want to let their photos be shown. If you were there and want to see the pictures, just apply to become a friend; then you can tell me if you want your picture, if there is one, to be public.

Is anyone going to the CFI World Conference in Washington, DC?

Tiny Animals on Fingers photo pool

PC290168, originally uploaded by mantidboy.

The “Tiny Animals on Fingers” photo pool on flickr has amazing, cute, funny, grotesque, and fascinating images.

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