The dangers of winning a “best atheist blog” award

Primordial Blog, was a nice, thoughtful blog mainly about daily life in a small Northern community, nature, fossils,  science, the “teach creationism vs. evolution” controversy, and free thought. The blogger was a teacher and obviously proud of his students. I liked it because it was a way of learning about the North, but I wasn’t a regular reader. But I was a bit worried when I saw it mentioned as one of the top ten atheist blogs. And I was right to worry. It abruptly disappeared, totally, several days later. I guess a teacher has to worry about his reputation. He found out that he was living in a small-minded Northern community. Eventually a message trickled out, via Thinking for Free:

Note To All My Regular Readers

from Primordial Blog by

I know a lot of my regular readers have been wondering what happened to this blog so I thought I would post a quick note of explanation.

My employer was not too happy to discover that I had been writing a blog and thought that my choice of topics reflected badly on them and on my position in the community. As I prefer receiving regular paychecks to blogging, we came to the agreement that it would be best if the blog was removed from the internet.

Thank you to all the kind people who have enjoyed my writing over the years and have stopped by to comment – it’s been great getting to know many of you, but now it is time for me to move on to other things. I’ll still stop by to visit the atheist blogosphere from time to time, though not under my own name.

I would have thought that the day was past when schools could dictate to teachers what they did for legal recreation.

Pat Condell: “Free speech is sacred”

Hat tip to PZ Myers for “Pat Condell doesn’t hold back.”


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