MMR vaccine protects children against asthma

Ben Goldacre is indignant about one-sided reporting on medical research, and rightly so. In not reporting the facts but only the hysteria, mainstream media publications are ensuring that children will become ill, and go to hospital, unnecessarily. Sooner or later, some will die. For example: “It’s not what the papers say, it’s what they don’t.”

Amateur physicians have long enjoyed speculating that MMR and other vaccines are somehow “harmful to the immune system” and responsible for the rise in conditions such as asthma and hay fever. Doubtless they must have been waiting some time for evidence to appear.

This month a significant paper was published by Hviid and Melbye in the December 1 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology. They examined 871,234 children in a Danish birth cohort, comparing asthma in those who had MMR against those who didn’t. MMR-vaccinated children were massively and significantly less often hospitalised with an asthma diagnosis, and used fewer courses of anti-asthma medication than unvaccinated children. This “protective” effect of the MMR vaccine was more pronounced for hospitalisations with severe asthma diagnoses.

Those results aren’t just incompatible with an increased risk of asthma following MMR vaccination, they actually support the hypothesis that MMR vaccination is associated with a reduced risk of asthma in young children.

Nearly a million children studied. Conclusion: MMR vaccine protects against asthma. Newspapers? Silence.

Whose good are they serving?


2 Responses to “MMR vaccine protects children against asthma”

  1. Simon Says:

    It is widely disscused subject. And the solution is common.

  2. Nik Says:

    My 18 month old son had breathing difficulties for over a year, in Nov 08the hospital said he had bronchilitis. They said he would have a weak chest for up to a year, he was constantly out of breath for the next 11months, in hospital twice with low oxygen levels and struggling to breath. They said it was too early to diagnose asthma but gave him the blue inhaler to use when struggling to breathe and the brown one containing steroids to use once in the morning and once at night. They were helping, then he had his MMR jab and after 4 days his breathing had improved, by the end of the week I stopped giving him the blue inhaler as he was never out of breathe. By the end of the second week I stopped his brown inhaler, 4 weeks on and there is no sign of the breathing difficulties he has had before.

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