Science tatoos

The fad for getting science-themed tattoos or collecting pictures of them is flourishing over at Carl Zimmer’s science blog, The Loom. Here’s a big, one, RNA World. It’s semi-accurate but flamboyant.



2 Responses to “Science tatoos”

  1. Dana Says:

    I understand that some people have a love for science, but why would you take it to the level of tattooing it on your body? Just wondering! Not trying to be offensive!

  2. monado Says:

    As far as I can tell, many people get a tattoo because it’s decorative–they like it, it’s pretty/cool/scary. If they have an interest, e.g. cars, they are likely to get a picture of a neat car. So getting a tattoo that is decorative and speaks to your long-held interests is pretty normal.

    Until a few years ago, I thought that the only tattoos we could get were the ones on display in tattoo shops. Now all of us are learning that really good tattoos are original art or copies of good images that aren’t on a standard tattoo-shop decal. We’re just not used to people stepping out of the usual skulls, roses, flames, thorns, spouse’s names, etc. Science is awesome and full of fascinating images. Take a look at the science tattoos photo gallery on The Loom.

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