Nature magazine endorses Obama


Cognition and Language Lab blog points out that Nature science magazine endorsed Barack Obama, but not because of his science policy. Instead they like him because he listens to a diverse group of advisers.

On a range of topics, science included, Obama has surrounded himself with a wider and more able cadre of advisers than McCain. This is not a panacea. Some of the policies Obama supports — continued subsidies for corn ethanol, for example — seem misguided. The advice of experts is all the more valuable when it is diverse: ‘groupthink’ is a problem in any job. Obama seems to understands [sic] this. He tends to seek a range of opinions and analyses to ensure that his opinion, when reached, has been well considered and exposed to alternatives. He also exhibits pragmatism — for example in his proposals for health-care reform — that suggests a keen sense for the tests reality can bring to bear on policy.

Coyote Crossing: Obama and extinction


Chris Clarke, at his relatively new blog Coyote Crossing, has written about the U.S. election issues: what is and isn’t getting much mention. You can read it here: “Obama and extinction“.

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