The Springhill Mine Disaster was 50 years ago

Springhill, Nova Scotia, had a deep and dangerous mine. It experienced accidents, cave-ins, and explosions. The last and most famous disaster was a “bump” fifty years ago today: Springhill Mine Disaster.

We’ve found your toolbag…

Yesterday, an astronaut outside the “Space station” lost a toolbag containing a couple of greaseguns and a couple of small tools. A few hours later, there was a brilliant fireball over the Prairie Provinces.

Fireball was visible here

Fireball was visible here

Dr. Who is on


The new Dr. Who is on CBC tonight at 21:30. Much mugging and eye-rolling by the Doctor. I’m not sure if this is last year’s or a completely new one.

It’s David Tennant. The CBC Web site says David Tennant is leaving the show at the end of 2009. He’s the 10th doctor.


The CBC has the Dr. Who archives.

Fireball over the Prairies

A meteor or meteorite fireball went streaking over Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta on November 20.

Fireball caught over Edmonton by Andrew Bartlet

Fireball caught over Edmonton by Andrew Bartlet

Economic woes

The Toronto Stock Exchange lost 9% of its value today.  Thanks to Wonkette for the succinct explanation:

the current global recession… was caused by unmitigated over-leveragingof fanciful mortgage-based securities whose existence was encouraged by artificially cheap and unscrutinized credit and the resulting collapse of those securities’ values and the resulting credit crunch combined with the deeply intertwined decline of the real estate, construction, mortgage, investment and commodity markets, which was the primary and undisputed cause of the halt in consumer spending which has unarguably created a feedback loop of unemployment, debt default, foreclosures and negative economic activity all over the planet Earth

They said they weren’t going to do that any more, after the last one in 1929.

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