A disaster of biblical proportions

John McCain made a very gracious concession speech and asked his supporters to work with Barack Obama. He was biting back tears in a few places. I imagine he feels a bit like this.

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Liveblogging the American elections

Pre-election polls. Note: the colours are backward: red is right (Republican) and blue is left (Democratic).


  • 17:30. People are filtering into Grant Park into Chicago to watch the results and, they hope, to celebrate Barack Obama’s victory.
  • 18:00. I looked up web resources for getting early election results and read about how unreliable are exit polls.
  • 18:10. Slight lead for McCain in Virginia. Someone points out that the population of Virginia has increased 50% in the last ten years, so it’s basically a new state.
  • 18:25. Slight lead for Obama in Ohio, slightly greater lead for McCain in Kentucky.
  • 19:00. Switched to CNN; neat-o graphics show breakdown of electors’ preferences.
  • 19:18. Thirty-five high-definition cameras are used in Chicago to take a full-circle image of CNN’s Jessica Yellin. Her image is projected into the CNN Election Center.
  • Florida, slight lead for McCain.
  • Indiana, slight lead for McCain (50% – 49%) with 12% of vote counted.
  • 19:30. people are running into Grant Park when the gates are opened.
  • In Kentucky, McCain is leading by a very slight margin in the counties that are expected to vote Republican; so if Obama takes the democratic counties strongly, he could win the state.


Pause to serve pizza & green salad.

  • 19:38. Obama is leading in Florida 57:43, by about 150,000 votes.
  • North Carolina’s first returns give Obama a slight lead.
  • Georgia’s first returns show 70% for McCain.
  • Found in CNN web site: Poll tracker
  • 19:57. McCain is behind in South Carolina, 55:44, but he is predicted to win based on earlier exit polls.
  • White Georgians voting 80% for McCain.
  • Projections: Obama to win in Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maine (3/4), Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia; McCain to take Oklahoma and Tennessee; too close to call: Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, Pennsyvania.
  • 20:02. Projected: Obama 77 electoral college votes, McCain, 34 votes.
  • Where he is losing, Obama is still doing much better better than John Kerry did.
  • 20:20. Democrats elected to Senate 45, Republicans elected 29.
  • North Carolina, Obama leading comfortably. 57% to 43%
  • Vermont, Obama 63%, McCain 35%
  • Indiana, Obama , McCain
  • Tennessee, Obama 36%, McCain 63%
  • New Hampshire, Obama 60%, McCain 39%. Highly educated voters vote for Obama, as well as churchless and women.
  • 20:30. North Carolina’s Senator Elizabeth Dole is losing: 40% to Kay Hagen’s 57%. Dole was doing all right until she accused Hagen, an elder in the Presbyterian Church, of being an atheist.
  • 20:40. Obama is predicted to win Pennsylvania with 65% of the vote to 34% in spite of intense last-minute campaigning by John McCain
  • Kay Hagan is projected to defeat Republican Governor Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina. Jesse Helms’ former seat will be held by a Democrat.

Current standings from cnn/election:


  • 20:00. West Virginia, 50:49 for Obama.
  • Another set of polls is closing: predicted for Obama: Minnesota etc.; predicted for McCain: North Dakota etc.; too close to call: Texas, Nevada, etc.
  • The Democrats are predicted to win at least 51 seats in the Senate, giving them a majority.
  • Obama has tripled McCain’s predicted electoral college votes, 174 to 49.
  • McCain is currently winning West Virginia, but only by about 13,000 votes.

Something I read earlier made me think that there might be a Flora McDonald effect: declared supporters of the candidate voting for the opponent. Some people are even helping out at the Obama campaign because they’re afraid to tell their friends that they prefer McCain.

  • 21:34. Big projection: Ohio’s 20 electoral college votes will go to Barack Obama. With 16% of the vote counted, Obama has 55% of the vote.
  • Obama’s at 50% in Virginia.
  • McCain wins Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Dakota, Oklahloma, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wyoming.
  • Obama wins, Connecticut, Delaware, D.C., Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin.
  • The Republicans have turned off the news feeds at the Republican campaign center and are just playing music.

McCain will still lose even if he gets everything except the states of Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii. And he can’t win those. .

  • Projections: New Mexico to Obama; Louisiana to McCain

The problem with Hilary Clinton isn’t that she was a woman; it was that she is the wrong woman. Her die-hard supporters just look like bad losers and further tarnish her reputation.

  • 22:15. Popular vote: 49% McCain, 50% Obama.
  • McCain is pulling less of the Latino vote than did Bush did.
  • CNN projects a win for McCain in Mississippi,
  • Polls are still open in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho Alaska, California

Obama could not win without the votes of white people. Polls and exit results show that people who say taht race is an issue to them still vote for Obama, so it’s not a deal-breaker. There’s a concern troll on CNN who keeps saying that he is afraid that Obama will not reach out to all the people and he has no track record so we’ll have to wait and see. It’s a blatant appeal to Conservative fears. That’s odd because in Harvard, as President of the Harvard Review, he was famous for not favouring leftists. Although a Democrat, he appointed three conservatives and one progressive as editors. He already has a track record. I think it’s a last-minute attempt to make conservatives rush out to the polls.

  • 22:35. The commenters are saying that it’s hard to see the Democrats getting a filibuster-proof sixty seats in the U.S. Senate.
  • CNN is interviewing Will.I.Am, author of the “Yes We Can” song version of Obama’s speech, via “hologram” or digital effects.
  • 22:55. The concern troll, a lard-lined guy with white hair, is saying that if Obama wins, he’ll pray for America.
  • The last polls are closing in a few minutes.
  • Projection: Obama wins Virginia with 51% of the vote.
  • 23:00. Barack Obama is predicted to win with 297 electoral college votes. His crowd fills a park. Tens of thousands of people go wild. They are all colours and all ages.


  • 23:12. Senator McCain concedes the election with a gracious speech. His crowd fills a plaza in Phoenix Arizona and is overwhelmingly white and older than the Democratic crowd.
  • 23:30. Barack Obama is predicted to win with 333 electoral college votes.
  • 23:40. Barack Obama is predicted to win with 338 electoral college votes to 155.


  • 23:50. Spontaneous celebrations are erupting in the street outside the White House in Washington, D.C.

Obama art

People have been inspired to create art celebrating U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama. See “Full Body Transplant.


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Barack Obama is as Irish as JFK

Song by Hardy Drew adapted by Shay Black. Here he is singing it in an Irish pub in Berkeley, the Starry Plough:

Botany lesson

U.S. President George W. Bush declares,

George W. Bush with cob of corn
see more political pictures

“There’s something wrong with this banana!”

That One Car Tag

Timtimes on flickr posted an image of his licence plate: “That One.”

That One car tag, originally uploaded by timtimes.

He bought it shortly after Senator John McCain, in a U.S. election debate, referred to Senator Barack Obama as “That one.”

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McCain, Palin preach politics of hate

McCain and Palin are whipping up a frenzy of hatred in an atmosphere of violence. That’s demagoguery, not democracy.

Voters, tell the Republicans that hate speech doesn’t work on you.

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