Why have gun control?

Knocking on someone’s door on Hallowe’en night shouldn’t be a capital crime. A man named Quentin Patrick was home on Hallowe’en night. His porch light was on. When a small group of children and their father came and knocked on the door, Quentin assumed that he was being robbed and shot them down with an automatic assault rifle. He killed a 12-year-old boy and wounded a 9-year-old boy and the boys’ father.

No one should have an automatic assault rifle in the home. Its only purpose is to kill people.

Protecting yourself means increasing the chance that you’ll gun down your family or neighbours.

Oh, yes. Patrick didn’t answer the door: he shot through it, spraying at least 29 rounds into a neighbourhood full of trick-or-treating parents and children.

Hat tip to Greg Laden: “Quentin Patrick: The newest poster boy for gun control.”


2 Responses to “Why have gun control?”

  1. jaredcormier Says:

    idiots+guns=innocent people killed

    However, like any tool capable of inflicting injury upon others, the ability of one to use said tool responsibly is by far the most important thing we should require. This goes, not just for firearms, but also for vehicles, heavy equipment, power tools, lawnmowers, chainsaws, etc. Tools which are useless aside from the uncanny ability to injure/kill others should be carefully controlled. I am still not in favor of a complete ban as this limits those who collect firearms; I do know people who collect assault rifles, one individual I am very close friends with collects them. Mostly these are of the various SKS-styles, although he does have an SVT-40 (he is, after all, a war historian of WWI-Korean War). I would add to this, however, that the shooter in question WAS a convicted felon and should not, with current laws in place, been able to acquire a weapon at all, let alone an assault rifle, how this was done remains to be answered and I suspect it was a black market weapon (good luck regulating those).

    Also, the “protection” excuse for firearms being kept by untrained individuals scarcely able to determine which end the pointy things come from makes me sick. I hear this most frequently from those indoctrinated in NRA propaganda. It is impossible to keep a firearm close enough to you to prevent assault in the event of a break-in and still have it safely secured.

    Oh, and thanks for the link.

  2. marsha o'brien Says:

    It’s not the gun that injures people. It’s the person using the gun. The bad guys will always have access to weapons, and people who know how to use weapons and choose to keep them have that right. I would have been raped one time had I not had a weapon close by. I used it to scare off the attacker, and it worked. I know how to use a weapon and hope never to have to kill anyone, but I want the right to defend myself and my family. That was a terrible thing that should never have happened. I believe Halloween and the “trick or treat” mentality sucks and it is really an evil tradition…just my opinions :)

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