PZ Myers in Toronto

I declined a trip to the Florida Ironman this week, so that I could go to a long-awaited event. Last night I went to a lecture by biology professor PZ Myers on “The war between science and religion in U.S. education.” Professor Myers explained that, so far, the courts have prevented creationism from officially being classed as science, but the scientific method and scientific literacy are losing the cultural war.

PZ Myers in Toronto

PZ Myers in Toronto

After the lecture, about thirty people wandered over to a local pub for conversation.

It was a pleasure to meet the famous science blogger after several years of online conversation.

2 Responses to “PZ Myers in Toronto”

  1. Andrew Louis Says:

    Hello from another attendee. I love how you got Palin in the shot. What did you think of the audience? Pretty tame no?

  2. monado Says:

    Well, of course Dr. Myers was preaching to the choir with a familiar lecture about what’s going on in the States. From a content point of view, it would have been nice if the organizers had brought in someone who could add a Canadian perspective and Canadian statistics. But the big draw was to hear & see the famous science blogger in person and it was effective: the CFI lecture drew a larger than usual crowd.

    People have remarked before that Dr. Myers is not so aggressive in person as he is on paper. He says that’s deliberate, to stir up reaction and thinking on his blog. But I think it’s partly the natural tendency to be more polite to people who are there reacting to you than to faceless readers. It’s the same with walking vs. driving. In walking, you are seeing a person who reacts to you and elicits social behaviour. In driving, you’re reacting to a metal carapace and the social restraints are off.

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