Singles vote for Obama

Rachel’s Musings points out that there’s one political gap that hasn’t been mentioned in the polls: the marriage gap.

Status Obama McCain Net Difference Marriage Gap
Married 43% 50% -7%
Unmarried 60% 33% 27% 34%
Married Men 41% 52% -11%
Unmarried Men 57% 38% 19% 30%
Married Women 46% 48% -2%
Unmarried Women 61% 30% 31% 33%
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Domestic terrorism goes mainstream in U.S.

However, reporting on it also goes mainstream. USA Today:

Derek Black, left, gets help from his father, Don, on his Internet radio show Sunday in Lake Worth Fla. Don Black is a former Ku Klux Klan leader, and Derek holds a seat on the Palm Beach County, Fla., GOP committee.

Domestic terrorism joins the Republican Party

Domestic terrorism joins the Republican Party

Jack Levin, a Northeastern University criminologist who studies hate crime… estimates fewer than 50,000 people are members of white supremacist groups, but he says their influence is growing with a more sophisticated approach.

From 2006 to 2007, the number of such groups rose by 5% to 888, says the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which tracks them through news reports and other sources. The number is up 48% since 2000.

The FBI knows of about 24 domestic terrorist groups. Spokesman Richard Kolko would not say how many are white supremacists.

Jeff Schoep, head of the National Socialist Movement, says the government classifies his group as a domestic group of interest, not domestic terrorists. The FBI would not comment.

…”And now this immigrant thing in the past couple of years has been the biggest boon to us,” Schoep says. “The immigration issue is the biggest problem we’re facing because it’s changing the face of our country. We see stuff in English and Spanish. … They are turning our country into a Third World ghetto.”

Oh, the horror! Seeing bilingual signs. Like in 3rd-world ghettoes such as Switzerland. Get a grip!

The high price of hatred

Blog “Prose before Hos” has an article on “The High Price of Encouraging Political Violence.” It shows a bit of history: a leaflet that was handed out by some evil-minded people in Dallas, Texas, on the day that U.S. President Kennedy was assassinated by a sniper.

Treasonous poster calling Kennedy a traitor

I wonder who published this and if they ever acknowledged their contribution to home-grown American terrorism.

The article points out,

The comparisons to much of the rhetoric and language used by the McCain campaign frighteningly contain many of the same sentiments of the above leaflet, which was handed out in Dallas, Texas the day of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Indeed, words and phrases like “anti-American”, “anti-Christian”, and “treasonous” are more of a call to arms than a call to the ballot box. With this in mind, we should all be cautious of what the Republicans are aiming for in their attacks on Barack Obama.

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