John McCain in debate

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When you’re losing in the middle ground and know you can’t recover,
The temptation’s irresistible to pander to your base;
Once you’ve written off the liberals, you’re free to use your rhetoric
On Bible-issue voters–take abortion as one case.
Disagreements are expected on a topic like abortion
When a right to life is weighed against a woman’s right to choose–
But to sneer with condescension at the “Mother’s health” exceptions?
First, the voters; now your dignity–what else ya got to lose?


STC – no more salary survey for Canada

Peter Kelly wrote:

Hi everybody,
I seldom receive any e-mail from this discussion list so I am assuming we are all an extraordinarily industrious bunch! One Canadian concern I would like to bring up related to the STC is the fact that the STC no longer does salary surveys that apply to Canada. From now on they will use US government data since they judge this more accurate than surveying their membership. I would like to know where that leaves their Canadian members. We have little information other than that which we gather ourselves through the grapevine by talking to colleagues or recruiters. Am I right in assuming there is now no Canadian salary data that will be distributed through the STC? Am I missing something?
Best indeed to all of you,
Peter Kelly

Yes, Peter is correct, that (at least for now) there is no Canadian salary data that is being distributed through the STC. You can read the article in the Intercom to see why the STC switched to using the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics.

Although this is currently a loss for those of us in Canada, think of it as an opportunity to define what sort of salary survey we would like, and to make it happen. If you would like to be on the STC Canadian Salary Survey Committee, please let me know. Feel free to discuss on the list what sort of salary information would be most useful to you.

Michele Marques
Manager, STC Canadian Community (Canadian Issues SIG)

More about Will Allen, urban farmer

You can read more about Will Allen, the CEO of Growing Power, at Agricultural Law: “Urban farmer wins MacArthur “Genius Grant.” There’s a link to a video.

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