Cisco Networks’ new album

This link was sent by Michael M.:

“So we receive our brand new firewall from CISCO and all goes well with the setup… until we try to upgrade our VPN client and we discovered that the installation CDs from CISCO contain 12 tracks of Mexican music!!?”

CISCO VPN disk with music instead of software

CISCO: All you networks are belong to us

2 Responses to “Cisco Networks’ new album”

  1. Harold Asmis Says:

    Hey, I thought you were Cisco’s techlit-baby! You should write something for the manual “In the event that the install disk consists of Mexican music, please be thankful that it’s not a program designed to totally wipe you out!”

  2. monado Says:

    I’ve been doing something else for a while. In fact, I was thinking of giving my brick-like CISCO Security manual to my brother–he has a nice hardcover copy of Dawkins’ The Ancestor’s Tale under his computer monitor.

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