My favourite saint

St. Tiggywinkles

St. Tiggywinkles

I’ve just discovered a new saint: St. Tiggywinkles Animal Hospital in England. It’s an animal hospital for wild animals and treats them free of charge. The hospital relies on donations and, I suspect, sales of animal photographs to keep going. It helps some of the millions of animals that are injured by cars, poisons, and the built environment every year.

Our veterinary team has pioneered much of the treatment now used for wildlife throughout the country. Our expertise and knowledge on all species is used worldwide. Over the years we have perfected techniques for hedgehogs, badgers, deer and other species and have a commitment to passing on this information through books, papers, courses and lectures to veterinary schools.

The experiences of our Hospital staff are helping many of the millions of casualties across the world, most of which are now being looked after thanks to the positive attitude of Tiggywinkles. Tiggywinkles survives on a solid base of membership and relies on donations from the general public and sponsors to thrive. It receives no state funding of any kind and no financial assistance from conservation groups.

“Tiggywinkle” is a nickname for a hedgehog.

There are domesticated hedgehogs, as well.

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