My favourite saint

St. Tiggywinkles

St. Tiggywinkles

I’ve just discovered a new saint: St. Tiggywinkles Animal Hospital in England. It’s an animal hospital for wild animals and treats them free of charge. The hospital relies on donations and, I suspect, sales of animal photographs to keep going. It helps some of the millions of animals that are injured by cars, poisons, and the built environment every year.

Our veterinary team has pioneered much of the treatment now used for wildlife throughout the country. Our expertise and knowledge on all species is used worldwide. Over the years we have perfected techniques for hedgehogs, badgers, deer and other species and have a commitment to passing on this information through books, papers, courses and lectures to veterinary schools.

The experiences of our Hospital staff are helping many of the millions of casualties across the world, most of which are now being looked after thanks to the positive attitude of Tiggywinkles. Tiggywinkles survives on a solid base of membership and relies on donations from the general public and sponsors to thrive. It receives no state funding of any kind and no financial assistance from conservation groups.

“Tiggywinkle” is a nickname for a hedgehog.

There are domesticated hedgehogs, as well.

Brake lines cut by Conservative supporters

People with Liberal signs on their lawns had their houses and cars vandalized, including phone lines and car brake lines cut. Some drivers narrowly escaped accident. The only thing linking the victims was their political signs. Police are appealing to the public for information. The candidate in that riding, Carolyn Bennett, is a well-respected doctor and the incumbent Member of Parliament.

I hope that Mr. Harper, our Conservative Prime Minister, gets right on this case of home-grown Canadian terrorism. In some of the cars that had their brake lines sabotaged, infant or child seats were clearly visible. Anyone who harms, or tries to harm, members of the public to make a political point is a terrorist.

Similar cowardly and potentially fatal attacks were carried out in Guelph around August 25th. Guelph is 90 minutes away by car.

“I can fly this plane just fine, darn it!”

From The Smirking Chimp: I can fly this plane just fine, darn it! by R. J. Eskow

“Why, hello there, folks! May I call you “folks”? I’ll be your pilot today. What? Am I “qualified” to fly this jalopy? You betcha! Why? Because I’m a mom, that’s why. No, I don’t know what all these switches and handles and whatnot are. I don’t CARE what they are, to tell ya the truth. The important thing is that I’m ready, I’m willing, and (wink) I’m eager as heck to get the job done! THAT’S what matters.

Don’cha think? O-kay then. Here we go!

Whoops! Whew. That’s a lotta noise. And just a teensy bit of fire back there. But what the heck, right? It’s fuel, and energy happens to be my specialty.

What? Who’s that fella yellin’ over the radio? Air traffic control? Well, who the heck cares? No, honestly, really: Who cares? I sure as heck don’t, and I don’t think my passengers do either….”

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Hat tip to Michael M.

The age-old question

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Why would a benevolent God allow evil into the world? The answer was asked thousands of years ago. There are a few possible answers:

  • Maybe he won’t—then he is not benevolent and doesn’t deserve worship.
  • Maybe he can’t—therefore he is not all-powerful.
  • Maybe he wouldn’t—then he doesn’t exist.
  • Maybe we don’t understand his reasons. Should we then abandon reason for understanding the world? Why can’t he make himself clear? Send down an explanation if he cares about us?

William of Occam’s Razor: When you hear hear hoofbeats, think horses, not unicorns. The simplest explanation is that he doesn’t exist.

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