Election predictions

The Election Prediction web site is making AND TRACKING its predictions for federal and provincial elections.

The current predictions are these:

Change in cichlid vision encourages speciation

Cichlids are fish that live in some of the great lakes in Africa, such as Lake Tanganyika. Reefs and shallows provide many environmental niches for them, and they speciate like mad. There are at least 2,000 species. Now researchers have found that one recent split of one stock into two species was helped , or perhaps made possible, by a change in the fishes’ vision. Some fish began to see better in long wavelengths, such as red, while others saw better in short wavelengths, such as blue. The fish had red and blue colouring themselves. The differences in vision affected how well the fish could see each others’ colours at different depths and thus could find a mate at depth. That began to affect how deep the fish liked to be, eventually leading to as split in the population.

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