Disrespecting Gaia

I’ve been going past this fish store for years without realizing that a couple of the lamps in the window are made from the stretched and dried skins of puffer fish. They’re stretched, dried, and I think distorted, because puffer fish tend to be rather boxy an these are elongated vertically. The other lamps in the window are plastic fish on a string like Christmas lights.

It’s not an elephant-foot wastebasket but in the same spirit. Let’s just take everything we can get our hands on and use it in every way we can think of.

Ornate horned frog

NGSM-frogs-ornate-horned-4, originally uploaded by monado.

The ornate horned frog is looks like a malevolent puddle. It’s a large frog that waits for its prey from concealment.

At the National Geographic Society Museum in January, this one stood out in its bed of moss.

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