Short-tailed, tubular grey rodent (small)

LotStreetWiz saw a small rodent running across his path while out on one of his runs. It had a short tail and looked greyish. It seemed to have a tubular body rather than a mouse-like hump. We’re not sure what it was. Perhaps one of these:

rodents of New York

rodents of New York

2 Responses to “Short-tailed, tubular grey rodent (small)”

  1. rick h Says:

    I googled a ‘rodent with a short, dark tail’ which I saw while visiting my childhood, Braddock Hills, PA neighborhood in late Aug 2009. It looked ‘baby beaver-like’ but no water around there to speak about and looked similar to the animal on this page. I don’t know what it was but want to.

    • monado Says:

      A short-tailed, mouse-like rodent is probably a vole. You can see some close-ups here: voles. Our commonest one is dark brown. Try your dept. of Agriculture site.

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