Squid, reversible, hooded jacket

If you’re fond of squids and octopodes, check this out! Clothier Gama-go is offering a limited edition squid hoodie called the Leviathan reversible. It’s black and red. I like it because there’s a flamboyant side and a subdued side:

I can see PZ walking down the street with his minions, everyone dressed in black jackets with a red squid on the shoulder. Then, when he rises to debate those who would drag science down to the level of a religion, or religion into science, education, and government, he wears the red jacket with its all-embracing tentacles.

There’s a continuing squid theme at Gama-Go. They have a ‘squid calimari’ one that shows the squid on a plate with a knife, ready to fight. There’s also a “seasick squid” – just a few tentacles above a sea of tossing waves. I also like the “Flock you” jacket, which is adorned with flying birds.


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