Conservative horror comics

You can find these comics by Brian McFadden at Big Fat Whale.

Second thoughts are often best

Your first thought is a first draft. That’s especially true with Web pages, where whoever suggests the first information structure was likely influenced by the paper version. On reflection, you can start using the power of links. Here’s an example:

paper-based vs. online

First and second versions

Squid, reversible, hooded jacket

If you’re fond of squids and octopodes, check this out! Clothier Gama-go is offering a limited edition squid hoodie called the Leviathan reversible. It’s black and red. I like it because there’s a flamboyant side and a subdued side:

I can see PZ walking down the street with his minions, everyone dressed in black jackets with a red squid on the shoulder. Then, when he rises to debate those who would drag science down to the level of a religion, or religion into science, education, and government, he wears the red jacket with its all-embracing tentacles.

There’s a continuing squid theme at Gama-Go. They have a ‘squid calimari’ one that shows the squid on a plate with a knife, ready to fight. There’s also a “seasick squid” – just a few tentacles above a sea of tossing waves. I also like the “Flock you” jacket, which is adorned with flying birds.

Balloon Cat will sue you!

For some reason (perhaps because Stuart Pivar is a crackpot who threatened to sue someone who reviewed his book of pseudoscience unfavourably) this large and impressive balloon animal was tagged Pivar.”

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