Red-vented cockatoo

This is a very pretty image of a critically endangered cockatoo, Cacatua haematuropygia. Photo by John Del Rio.

“The common name is the Philippine Cockatoo. This species is critically endangered. Populations have decreased dramatically due to illegal trapping for the cage-bird trade since the 1950s. The high price fetched per bird means that chicks are taken from virtually every accessible nest. Loss of habitat may also have contributed to its decline. The current population is estimated at less than 4,000 birds.

The Red-vented Cockatoo makes a characteristic bleating call, as well as screeching or whistling.”

As usual, it’s the customers who make stealing tempting. If there were no market for stolen goods….

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What will happen when the printing presses go silent?

Recovering Journalist attempts to answer the question, “What will happen when the printing presses go silent?” with some economically plausible scenarios.

Linotype machine - obsolete typesetting machinery

Linotype machine - obsolete typesetting machinery

Pay attention!

Here’s a head’s-up for drivers: Pay attention!

Hat tip to Jaköbische Rants, “An open letter to every driver in Scarborough.”


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